Sunday, 17 January 2016


Chuckie Egg

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja

CHASE HQ - Amstrad CPC/Amstrad GX4000

3D Grand Prix

Strip Poker 2

Count Duckula 2


Donkey Kong

Star Wars

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

Amstrad Action's Dizzy

Dizzy - Amstrad CPC

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the blog! My first experience with the CPC was when I stumbled across a cartridge for the Amstrad GX4000. It let me emulate and play all sorts of CPC games, since then I've been slowly building up a tape collection and every so often add videos to Youtube of my adventures. I have a lot of content which I update daily and will share with this blog as well as further developments as I build my collection.

To see my Amstrad GX4000 page please click here

Thanks for reading!